Winter 2013-2014 Storms, Snow, Clippers, Vortexes and Spoiled, Complaining Citizens

  • It seems that climate change and a large number of spoiled citizens, used to having mild winters and their streets cleared within a couple of hours, even while refusing to keep their vehicles off the streets, has caused the 2013-2014 winter season to be dark, snowy, windy, frigid and miserable. Whining and complaining, they call television stations and City agencies, causing the addition of news reporters “weather center” vehicles to be added to the thousands of vehicles on the road, blocking plows and salters.

    For those who refuse to acknowledge either climate change or overpopulation, their daily dose of fantasy has been rudely interrupted by the realities of nature. We continue to apply keywords like “clipper” and “vortex” to storm after winter storm, bewilderingly unable to realize or accept the true reality behind the record breaking weather events which are now regularly occurring all over the planet.Whether it be superstorms, record heat waves, unprecedented drought, hyperactive twister seasons or rising sea levels, one thing is certain. We are in trouble. Big trouble. And we humans are no longer equipped to handle the difficulties of survival without conveniences of fast food, bottled water and climate controlled environments.

    It gives one pause to imagine the chaos that will ensue when the never-ending streams of tractor trailers crisscrossing the nation can no longer deliver the abundant supplies that we are used to. When the insanely large cargo ships from China and elsewhere stop arriving on our shores with tons of unnecessary items, which we nevertheless covet and which ultimately poison our planet in the form of plastic ocean islands and unsustainable mountain ranges of garbage. What WILL WE DO when the consequences of World-wide Peak Oil, the effects on our planet of industrial accidents such as Fukishima and Gulf oil spills and attempts to mine the last wild places on earth for additional resources reach a tipping point and can no longer be ignored?

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